Application of Innovative Storage Technology Fitomag

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At the core of Fitomag’s storage technologies is an inhibitor that stunts ethylene biosynthesis.
The essence of the Fitomag technology is the inhibition of the synthesis of ethylene -the ripening hormone. Ethylene molecules on the fruit receptors are replaced by the molecule of active ingredient - 1-methylcyclopropene. Thus, during the substitution, fruits ripening is blocked and the degree of maturity of the fruit is recorded. Impact on the fruit occurs at a biological level. Fruits are processed by low concentrated gaseous substance. Under certain conditions, the shelf life of processed fruits and vegetables increases without any loss of quality.
Fitomag significantly increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and reduces losses during storage and transport. The product does this by depressing respiration and enzymatic activity, restraining the breakdown of chlorophyll and slowing metabolic processes.
Fitomag is most effective on apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots, peaches, bananas, kiwi, persimmons, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and melons.
After storage, produce treated with Fitomag meets the SanPin "Hygienic requirements for food safety and nutritional value" and SanPin "Hygienic requirements for the use of food additives" requirements *.
A mixing device is used to prepare necessary concentration of the drug. The device helps to dissolve a certain dose of Fitomag in water, after which the device is placed in a sealed chamber for a day. A day later, the equipment is disconnected from the power supply and the camera itself is ventilated.
Fruits receive the necessary protection after a single treatment with Fitomag . After processing, the fruits can be transported, moved to other chambers, loaded into refrigerated trucks, sorted, if necessary.
Determination of the dosage of the drug is the company's know-how. The system of dosages was developed on the basis of long-term practical studies. The dose is calculated based on a variety of factors: grade, degree of fruits ripening, temperature, and humidity. The dosage will be different for each particular batch.

Benefits of the drug Fitomag (1-MCP)

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It’s known that the accumulation of endogenous ethylene is the main cause of diseases in fruits and vegetables, decreasing their quality.
Treating fruits with Fitomag, which consists of a gaseous inhibitor as the active ingredients - ethylene biosynthesis and 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) allows the produce to cope with the increased level of endogenous ethylene.
Fitomag (1-methylcyclopropene or 1-MCP) compares favorably with other drugs and methods. It is necessary both for most agricultural enterprises and for companies engaged in the transportation and storage of fruits, vegetables, berries, and flowers.
The benefits of using the drug Fitomag to create optimal storage conditions for vegetables and fruits

  • Applying Fitomag allows storage apples for 4-5 months in a regular atmosphere with the same quality as storage the fruits of autumn-winter and winter varieties in a controlled atmosphere
  • Effectiveness of Fitomag have proven for the treatment of climacteric fruits and vegetables during storage and transportation. It works for transporting the fruits of summer varieties such as apple, pear, cherry plum, plum, peach, and apricot for long distances in refrigerated trucks
  • Fitomag protects fruits from sunburn, wet burns, decay, browning and oiliness of the skin from aging, browning and decomposition of tissues from mechanical damage, reduces losses from fungal rot and natural loss of fruit mass in a normal atmosphere and controlled atmosphere
  • Fitomag reduces the negative impact of stressful storage conditions of fruits, such as the late creation of the recommended temperature and composition of the atmosphere, significant fluctuations of these parameters
  • Significantly extends the shelf life of apples and pears with low longevity, such as fruits of summer, autumn and late autumn varieties in the usual atmosphere and controlled atmosphere
  • Fitomag reliably saves its hardness, juiciness, crunchy texture, presentation, taste of fruits and vegetables, both during storage in a normal or controlled atmosphere, and when the cold chain is broken during processing, transportation and sale
  • High efficiency is achieved by using very low concentrations of Fitomag. The drug is similar to the natural factors that guarantees harmlessness to humans and the environment.

Rules for the application of Fitomag technology

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  • Exact Fitomag technology compliance is required for each type and variety of fruit
  • Control over the degree of fruit ripening, the time of harvesting and their quality
  • In one chamber should be laid the fruits of one type and one degree of ripening
  • Laying in storage should last no more than 3 days

Fitomag does not improve low-quality fruits. Such fruits can be used only for short-
term storage or immediate sale.