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The benefits of using Fitomag®

Fitomag® registered as a pesticide. If the substance is classified as a pesticide, it passes the maximum number of tests for toxicity in Russia. Test results have confirmed the drug safety to consumers.

Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) approved Fitomag® application.

The drug is registered in Serbia, Argentina and the Republic of South Africa.



Fitomag® is effective for fruits and vegetables storage in warehouses and quality preservation of climacteric fruits during transportation. Especially for transporting fruits (apple, pear, cherry, plum, peach, apricot) of summer varieties at long distances in refrigerated trucks.


Fitomag® protects the fruits from sunburn, soft scald, decay, russeting and very oily skin from aging, russeting and decomposition of tissue from mechanical damage, reduces loss from pythium rots and mass losses of fruits during storage in normal and regulated atmosphere.

Risk reduction!

Fitomag® reduces the negative impact of the fruits stressed storage conditions, such as the late establishment of recommended temperature and atmospheric composition, notable variations of these parameters.


Fitomag® is absolutely safe for both people and the environment during production, storage, application and consumption. High efficiency is achieved by using very low drug concentrations. Drug functioning is similar to natural factors that guarantee the harmlessness to humans and the environment.


Fitomag® helps in preserving the firmness, juiciness, crisp texture, appearance, and taste of fruits and vegetables during storage in regular or controlled atmosphere, and when you break the cold chain during produce processing, transportation and sale. Applying Fitomag® extends the shelf life of apples and pears for 2-4 months, and stone fruit, tomatoes and cucumbers for 6-8 weeks.

Since 2005 Fitomag®

has specialized in introducing Fitomag®’s post-harvest technology of fruit and vegetable production.

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Clients Testimonials

Fitomag® technology has shown high efficiency for storing apples and stone fruits in large horticultural businesses and small farms. Greenhouse complexes use the drug Fitomag® (1-methylcyclopropene or 1-MCP) to increase shelf life of tomatoes and minimize damage to cucumbers during transportation.

How does Fitomag® technology work?

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